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God’s Call …Our Vision

Our building serves as a tool for God’s work in the world. By aligning our building with our vision, our recent renovation has answered God’s call by:

  • Transforming lives through spirituality in action
  • Expanding and deepening community
  • Engaging our wider neighborhood.

Our Redeemer’s began construction in Autumn 2020 and the newly renovated facility is now open!

Archive of Construction News:


September 2, 2020: It’s a Done Deal!

On Monday, August 31, right on schedule, the money to purchase our property transferred from the Ballard P-Patch / GROW’s Verity Credit Union bridge loan to Our Redeemer’s bank account. The P-Patch will now always be a much-needed urban green space. Our Redeemer’s will carry out a community-oriented, safe renovation. And the whole neighborhood will benefit from both – along with what our stronger partnership will create in the future.

We are so grateful for this good news! And to Council, Vision-Aligned Building (VAB) Team members, and Project Manager, Brandy Fox, for their perseverance and skill in this effort. And finally, we thank Verity Credit Union, a member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values, which commits banks to sustainable social/community and environmental, not just fiscal, development. Keep current as the project progresses by using the resources below.

July 12, 2020: Vision Aligned Building Project Approved!

We’re grateful for the support of our membership! On July 12th during the Annual Meeting (link to document), after a long afternoon of discussion, the 2020-21 budget was approved and we’re moving ahead with our much needed church renovation. Thank you to our entire community for ensuring a strong future for Our Redeemer’s!

Here are details of the votes:

  • The motion for the design and budget of $3,695,669 passed 86 to 22, with 2 abstaining.
  • An additional motion to borrow $700,000 to meet the gap between the monies in hand and the renovation budget, was amended to read: “In order to carry out Our Redeemer’s Vision-Aligned Building Project, the church council requests authorization for Our Redeemer’s to borrow up to $800,000 from the ELCA Mission Investment Fund (MIF) and/or other sources to be repaid over a 25 year term. The initial interest rate shall not exceed 4.5%. No monies will be borrowed until, and only to the extent, needed to complete the renovation project approved by the congregation on July 12, 2020. Estimated interest for this loan during construction is included in the project budget.” This motion passed: 67 to 7.
  • Our 2020-2021 annual mission budget of $620,174 was passed, as well.

Project History

Our Redeemer’s building is the product of at least three major building projects over the span of 71 years. Over the years the congregation’s needs and priorities have evolved and the Vision Aligned Building (VAB) Team is creating a design that uplifts rather than restricts what can be done in the building.

SHKS Architects took the lead to design a space that remained true to the vision outlined in 2016 that meets the daily needs of the congregation and community, and corrects known problems with the building. Design objectives:

  1. Flexible worship space that uplifts and enhances formal and informal and invites in the community.
  2. Church should have clarity of arrival.
  3. An environment that fosters community and expresses our diversity.
  4. All spaces accessible.
  5. Office space that is more functional, collaborative and volunteer friendly.

The renderings below are the conceptual designs presented to the congregation on February 16, 2020.

A Community Responsive Design

The design of the Our Redeemer's building renovation is the result of hard work by a dedicated building committee, the Church Board, Pastor Kathy Hawks and SHKS Architects. The conceptual designs below were presented to Our Redeemer's community at a February 16, 2020 meeting.

"Fly-Through" Video

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