Our Redeemer's Kids

Calling all kids!

Loving God and learning to serve.

Kids don’t just watch and listen at Our Redeemer’s; they are full and contributing members of our community. From collecting thousands of socks for the homeless to helping with communion, kids are valued here for the individuals they are.

Quiet or noisy, praying or playing, children of all ages are invited to learn about God while having fun in a nurturing environment. Family Sabbath, movie nights and loving child care during worship are just a few of the ways kids and their families can participate in our life together.

Read on to learn about kids’ programming at Our Redeemer’s and browse the calendar to see our full schedule of events. (See our current Class schedule.)


For kids

Vacation Bible Camp
Christmas Pageant

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For infants and small children

Sprouts (Ages 2-4)
Church Bags
Nursery Childcare
Faith Development
Baptism Workshops

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For families

Family Sabbath
Family Movie Night
Bible Workshops
Baptism Workshops
Communion Workshops

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Kids' events and programs

Laughter, learning and fun!

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is a time to learn about God and each other in fun, meaningful and creative ways. With a mixture of active, artistic and adventurous experiences, Vacation Bible School creates a safe place to explore and nurture faith. A great group of volunteers work together to create this memorable experience for all kids. Contact Pastor Gretchen for registration information.

Christmas Pageant

The Christmas Pageant is a beloved Christmas tradition. Though told differently every year, the nativity story always reminds us of the beautiful gift that is Jesus.

“We are so lucky to be part of such a caring and thoughtful community!”

~ Genny and Adam, parents of one-year-old Mateo

For infants and small children

Loving care for our youngest members.

Sprouts (Sundays at 9:10 a.m.)

Geared toward children ages 2-4, this class meets with a teacher for songs, a bible story and playtime.

Nursery Childcare (Sundays at 9:10 a.m.)

Nursery childcare is available for kids four years old and younger. A staff member and caring adult volunteer are always available to play, sing, and read books with your young ones.


We rejoice when parents choose to baptize their small children at Our Redeemer’s and one of our members always makes a baby blanket to commemorate the event. To learn more, read about our baptism workshops below or contact Pastor Gretchen Mertes to begin planning for your child’s baptism.

“In Kids’ Church I learn what happened in the Bible. I want to understand God more so that I can do what God wants me to do, like love one another and take care of other people. I like playing games with other kids.”

~ Colin, 5th grade

Family events and programs

Family Sabbath (Second Sunday of the month)

On the Second Sunday of each month, families are encouraged to worship together at the 9:00 a.m. informal worship service in the Fellowship Hall. Participating with energy and reverence, children can help prepare the altar for worship, usher, read the Bible lesson, lead prayers or assist with communion, either alone or with a parent. One child gets to put an item of his or her choice in the “Mystery Basket” and challenge Pastor Kathy or Pastor Gretchen to relate God to it! For younger kids, we offer a quiet activity related to the theme of the day. Children are also invited to play an instrument, sing, read, usher or assist with communion.

Family Movie Night

Come in your jammies to munch popcorn and pizza! Families join together for this fun night of great movies, snacks and friends. Featuring Disney, Pixar and other family friendly movies, these get-togethers are a perfect time for both kids and parents to laugh, relax and build community. Check the calendar for information about upcoming movie nights.

Bible Workshops

Participants not only receive their own Bible; they also learn where it comes from, how we use it and about a few of the stories that are nestled inside. God wants us to know that we are loved, and the stories in the Bible show us this over and over again. We offer Bible workshops for kids in pre-K through 5th grade, and parents join us so that families can learn together.

Baptism Workshops

When an infant or child is baptized, their parent(s) and godparents (sponsors) make promises on their behalf. Our Redeemer’s offers a baptismal workshop, usually held the week before the baptism, where you can reflect on your hopes for your child and learn about the ancient symbols and rich meanings of the ritual. We provide resources for both adults and children that explore concrete ways to help your child grow in grace. When children are old enough to talk and respond, Pastor Kathy spends time with them as well, making connections to their lives and discussing any questions they might have. If you would like to learn more about baptism at Our Redeemer’s, please contact Pastor Gretchen.

Communion Workshops

Children are fully included in our faith community and are welcome to commune at any age, and the congregation is committed to teaching about this sacrament throughout childhood and adolescence. Parents and children are invited to attend our annual communion workshops together. These workshops a great way for parents to learn, grow and start family conversations about church, faith and God. For more information or resources, please contact Pastor Gretchen.

More questions?

Visit our FAQ page for answers to some common questions about what kids and their families can expect at Our Redeemer’s.