Accompaniment Mission

Accompaniment mission at Our Redeemer's

Learning to walk side by side.

“Mission” can be a loaded concept, as it has too often involved relating to others as inferior or needy. At Our Redeemer’s, we approach mission very differently. We call it accompaniment.

Like a piano accompanies a voice to create one piece of beautiful music, accompaniment mission is a way for people to share, learn and grow side by side. Our Redeemer’s volunteers and our local and international companions interact as equals, each with valuable experiences and insights to share.

In our international mission work, as in our local ministries, Our Redeemer’s seeks to build meaningful relationships with individuals and communities beyond our doors. Grounded in interdependence, openness and mutual respect, accompaniment mission is not a temporary project but an ongoing commitment to real care and connection.

Our Redeemer’s is practicing accompaniment mission in our parking lot, in the Ballard community and around the world. To learn more about how people all over the country are practicing accompaniment mission, visit the Global Mission site of the ELCA.

“Putting a face to all the prayers I’ve said before.”

~ Jordan Holt

Real people. Real service.

Real connection.

See what accompaniment mission looks like at Our Redeemer’s.

Our Redeemer’s & El Cacique

Accompaniment in action

The Dominican Republic has become a second home to Our Redeemer’s high school youth. In the Summer of 2014, six high schoolers and three adults returned to the small town El Cacique for a second time to reunite with their new brothers and sisters. Experience the story in words and pictures on our blog and visit the Youth page to learn more about how you can get involved.