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Church Renovation Update – 8/13/2020

In preparation for the church renovation Our Redeemer’s held a free “Buy Nothing” yard sale on Saturday, August 8. We gave away unneeded furniture, books, craft and office supplies, pianos, and more! We even collected $265.00 in donations. A HUGE THANK YOU to all the volunteers who brought their muscle, helpful attitudes, and dogged determination to empty the church of things we no longer needed or could use, and to all who took items away for re-use.

We await imminent news that the P-Patch’s bridge loan is 100% a “go”. Right now, only the appraisal is missing, and we know the appraiser is the same used for the King Co. Futures Tax Grant which the P-Patch has learned they are receiving in November. Continue to look at your emails and on the “Building the Vision” page of Our Redeemer’s website for updated information, including our construction start date.

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