About Our Redeemer's

A perfectly imperfect community, growing together.

You are welcome here. Honest.

At Our Redeemer’s, we feel blessed to be part of a vivid patchwork of different personalities, stories and points of view. Whatever you bring to our community, you, too are welcome here—just as you are.

We all have questions. Flaws. Wisdom. Even some brokenness. And none of us can make ourselves whole alone. But something happens when we bring the reality of who we are into this holy, human mix of learning, laughter, worship and service.

God’s spirit moves. We grow and change as a community. We discover new life, new hope and even joy. As Pastor Kathy says every Sunday before communion:

“We’ve all experienced rejection at some time. But this is Christ’s table. And He invites and welcomes everyone without exception. You will not be turned away here.”

We greet you with open doors, open minds and open hearts. Our passionate and caring staff members are always happy to get to know you, discuss your questions and help you feel at home at Our Redeemer’s.


I was raised in a church where being gay was a sin and an “abomination.” Not understanding the feelings I was experiencing inside made me feel condemned and hurt my self-esteem.

Our Redeemer’s is genuinely an open and affirming congregation, not just in official stance but as a welcoming place to interact, be yourself and deepen your spirituality.

I don’t have to put on a facade anymore. I can be authentic and am not afraid of being rejected if people find out who I really am. Now that is freedom in Christ, who was always widening his circle with acceptance of all who were marginalized in society.

~ John C.

Don’t put your brain on the shelf, or your life in the closet.

You’ll need them both here.

Many people believe they have to hide a part of themselves when they attend church. There’s nothing to hide at Our Redeemer’s. Here, you are not just accepted but embraced for who you are. Each person’s spiritual journey is unique, and we will support you in exploring faith, God and our community in your own way and at our own pace.

Jesus invited people to love, not purity; to wholeness, not perfection. You won’t find moralism here, but Jesus’s life, death and resurrection may invite you outside your comfort zone into new ways of understanding God and new ways to live and love.

There are no dotted lines to sign at Our Redeemer’s, and we offer more dialogue than dogma. We let our differences invite honest discussion and deeper connections with one another.

And we do more than talk: we make Jesus’s way of justice, love and hope as real as we can by caring for our community and our world.

However you choose to get involved, we’re happy to have you here. If you’re new to Our Redeemer’s, we’d love to show you around.

More than tolerance.
Real relationships.

Our Redeemer’s is an accepting, safe and compassionate community of faith. We work together to build hope and the courage to be a force for positive change reflecting God’s unconditional grace and acceptance.

We are a part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and a radically inclusive community, guided by the Lutheran emphasis on grace. As a Reconciling in Christ church, we embrace people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

Learn how our journey has shaped the open and inclusive community we are today.

Life, together.

Life at Our Redeemer’s is full and varied. In a single day when at church you’ll hear peals of laughter from the preschool, joyful music overflowing from a choir rehearsal, the clatter of dishes from the kitchen and passionate voices discussing current issues.

People of all ages, abilities and interests are are encouraged to join in. Help once a year at our community Thanksgiving dinner, re-explore your faith weekly or join us as we walk alongside our brothers and sisters in need. It’s entirely up to you.

Your mind, your voice and your hands are always welcome at Our Redeemer’s. However you choose to get involved, we invite you to accompany us on this exciting, challenging and always surprising journey of life.