Grow In Spirit

Are you spiritual?

Learn and grow with Our Redeemer’s.

Spirituality is a concept so loaded that it’s hard to know what it means. Yet many of us sense there is a dimension of ourselves and of life that we can’t understand through reason alone. But, it’s easy to ignore that sense. And although it can take time and effort, we also know what it’s like to find, honor and embrace it.

By making room for God in our lives, we experience new kinds of wholeness, connection and purpose. We believe that being spiritual isn’t about becoming otherworldly or superhuman; it’s about becoming more fully human. As Henri Nouwen said, “The life of faith doesn’t remove us from the world, it draws us more deeply into it.”

There are many ways to explore spirituality at Our Redeemer’s. Worship, learning and retreats offer space for us to listen, reflect and connect with God. It doesn’t matter which avenue we start down; eventually we realize that something, Someone, is changing us. For good. For life. For our own wholeness and for the world’s.

Visit our Learn and Renew pages to learn how life at Our Redeemer’s encourages us to keep growing in spirit. And of course, join us for worship. We look forward to seeing you there!

It is so wonderful to have such an open congregation. So wonderful to be able to say what comes to mind and not have to be concerned about a tap on the shoulder. It is a place for growth. God intended us to grow whatever and however that might happen and I feel like I can and have done exactly that at Our Redeemer’s.

~ Eric Olson

growing stronger in Mind, body and spirit.