Music at Our Redeemer’s

Create something moving and real.

Many voices, one beautiful melody.

Listen with open ears, sing with open lungs and experience music with an open heart. Music is a vital part of Our Redeemer’s worship and our community. There are many ways to participate, whether you’ve sung at the Metropolitan Opera or can’t carry a tune in a bucket. Lend your instrument to an ensemble, give the gift of a solo to a worship service or sing along in song and prayer.  Read on to learn more about how you can participate in—or simply enjoy—music at Our Redeemer’s. For more information, contact Karen Lee, our Traditional Worship and Music Director or Pastor Gretchen Mertes, our Informal Worship and Music Director.

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Music events and programs

Let the music move you.

Informal Ensemble (9 AM)

Each Sunday, a band of about four to seven individuals leads Informal Worship under the direction of Pastor Gretchen Mertes. The weekly ensemble is pooled from a larger collection of regular musicians in the congregation, each participating an average of two to three Sundays a month and rehearsing on Thursday evenings. The group enjoys working together to make music that enriches the worship experience for the congregation.

The ensemble musicians mostly play percussion, bass, guitar and piano as well as singing. If you have any these skills or if you play something different—strings, brass, woodwinds, harp, banjo or any other instrument—we eagerly invite you to come sing and play. To find out about getting involved, please contact Gretchen.

Traditional Worship Adult Choir (11 AM)

Our Adult Choir sings a wide variety of music, choosing songs that complement the themes in worship each Sunday. The group rehearses Wednesday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. and Sunday mornings from 9:45 to 10:15 a.m. The choir is a caring group of people who enjoy singing, laughter and each other’s company. New members are always welcome! Contact Karen Lee, our choir director, to get involved.

The Youth Choir

The Youth Choir, formerly known as the Middle School Choir, is for girls and guys in 6th grade through high school.  We have a great time singing, as well as learning how to play hand bells.  The Youth Choir is directed by Karen Lee and the group sings or plays every couple of months at church.

Junior Choir

The Junior Choir is for boys and girls in Kindergarten through 5th grade. Kids have fun singing a range of songs, and rehearsals always end with a treat! The Junior Choir sings during church services about once each month. Please contact  Karen Lee, to learn about joining the Junior Choir.

Special Music

Want to contribute your musical ability once in a while? Talk to Karen about offering special music on a particular Sunday. From soloists to small ensembles, your musical gift is a welcome treat at all worship services.

Orchestra and Hand Bells

For special events during the church year, people of all ages are invited to bring their instruments and be part of the orchestra, or they can play (or learn to play) hand bells. Under the direction of Karen Lee, the hand bell ensemble and orchestra rehearse in preparation for Christmas Eve and Easter performances. These groups add a special touch to the worship experience during these festive seasons. To learn more, contact Karen.

Christmas Caroling for All Ages

Once a year, individuals from the entire congregation go out together to visit our homebound members and sing Christmas carols. All ages and singing abilities are encouraged to take part in this joyful, community-building experience. To learn more, contact Karen.

“Music in worship helps me process, connect, and understand. It opens a wall in me that would otherwise remain closed, forcing me to become vulnerable. When my lungs and my voice are engaged, I am making room for my heart to follow, and for God to cut through my cynicism, thus revealing what’s really important and what isn’t.”

~ Beth Davis, former Informal Worship and Music Director