Deepening community, deepening ourselves.

A place for connection, growth and discovery.

Community at Our Redeemer’s is all about authenticity, honesty and acceptance. We create space for personal and spiritual growth to develop organically and in a way that values each individual’s unique perspective.

Come chat over food or coffee, discuss current hot topics, go deep into ancient texts or rejuvenate with others at one of our annual retreats. However you participate, you are invited to explore Our Redeemer’s in your own way and at your own pace.

Explore the program links below to read about our diverse opportunities for adults of all ages. Visit the calendar to see what’s coming up, and contact us any time to talk, ask questions or get involved.

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Adult events and programs

Join in, your way.

Madonnas Book Group

This is a women’s book group that meets once a month at a member’s home to discuss books from many different types of literature. All women are welcome to join. Contact Lynne McNeill for more information.

Theology on Tap (Fourth Tuesday of the month)

Come talk about theology while drinking beer (no kidding!) in an open, informal setting. Everyone over 18 is invited to join in as we chat about group-generated topics ranging from “does hell exist?” to “how do you hear God?”. We drum up all sorts of questions, ponder the possibilities and share our stories with one another.

Theology on Tap meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month, alternating in location between congregants’ homes and local establishments. All drink preferences, ideas and opinions are welcome! For information on this month’s event, visit our calendar or contact Emilie Purvine.

Young Adult Group

Using our hearts, minds and hands for the good of the world.

Young adults at Our Redeemer’s take full advantage of the many ways to serve the world, learn about God and build community. With a full calendar of programs that include brunch, hiking, and helping with youth ministry, there really is something for everyone. Everyone over 18 through mid-thirties is invited to join in.

Gatherings bring this group together as we navigate this unique time of life, exploring and using our gifts and passions for the good of the world. Check out what’s happening this month on the calendar and join us any time.

Contact Pastor Gretchen for details.

The Journey

Forming faith. Walking together.

The Journey, a six-week process that takes place every year during Lent, is for individuals of all backgrounds and church experiences. Whether you are exploring your faith, getting to know the congregation better, joining Our Redeemer’s as an official member or wish to be baptized, the Journey is a meaningful way to grow in spirit and in community.

During The Journey you can ask questions, connect with others, and learn about what makes Lutherans and life at Our Redeemer’s different. We’re heavy on hors d’oeuvres, honesty, small-group Bible study and an authentic sense of community.

There is no pressure to join the congregation or to be baptized. If you are interested in taking those steps, however, The Journey is the way to get started.

To learn more about The Journey, contact Pastor Gretchen any time.

Folders (Fridays at 1:30 p.m.)

Fridays at 1:30pm

One of the best-kept secrets at Our Redeemer’s, this group prepares the weekly worship bulletins and then spends at least as much time drinking coffee and sharing good-natured conversation. All are welcome.

“Other young adults at Our Redeemer’s are fun and always up for opportunities for fellowship and service. They’re just cool people!”

~ Marie B., Young Adults Group

Growing Together: More Adult Programming