EarthCare: it’s in our hands.

Giving our planet the love it deserves.

Awed by the towering mountains and vast bodies of water that surround us here in the Northwest, it’s hard to forget how connected we are to the earth and the vital resources it provides. We believe God has entrusted the earth into our care, and that it’s our duty to protect it for future generations.

At Our Redeemer’s, we’re committed to safeguarding the environment that gives us so much beauty, enjoyment and wonder. Join us as we put our hands in the dirt, our minds towards advocacy and our hearts to the earth and all its creatures.

Read on to learn more about our EarthCare projects, and visit the calendar to see which events are coming up. Whether you bring a green thumb, a bag of recycled bottle caps or simply a passion for the outdoors, there is a place for you in our earth-loving community.

Break out those gardening gloves.

From small changes to big projects, we can all do our part.

Explore our EarthCare programs and events below and contact us any time to learn more about how you can help.


Keep waste out of the landfill and clutter out of your closet! Our Redeemer’s collects hard-to-recycle items like Styrofoam, electronics, and bikes and parts twice a year. Stay in touch and drop off your recyclables during our Spring and Fall events so your unwanted stuff can be recycled in sustainable ways.

Our Redeemer’s EarthCare team

The EarthCare team meets to care for the Peace Garden in our parking lot, discuss opportunities for advocacy and encourage personal behaviors that help protect the environment. On the Sunday before or after Earth Day, they bring a creation-care emphasis to the congregation. Year-round, the EarthCare team manages collections of recyclable items and organizes other projects that nurture our relationship with the earth. Contact us to learn more.

“Having to use close observation while studying Scientific Illustration and being a gardener, and also trying to explain our natural world to young children, I’ve come to realize just how incredibly awesome God’s creation is—the colors, patterns, the interdependence of all species—it is truly sacred! We are a part of that creation and I believe God has given us the intellect and imagination to be good stewards of this amazing world.”

~ Candace T., EarthCare team member

Want to get involved?

Contact us to learn more about our environmental work and how you can help us make a difference in our city and our world.