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Pastor Kathy & The Transition Process

Now that we’ve celebrated and honored Pastor Kathy’s ministry and blessed her as she moves to new adventures, we look to move on as a congregation. On Monday, February 28, we entered in to our time of congregational transition. To respect Pastor Kathy’s boundaries surrounding her departure, the Synod asks us to refrain from contacting her regarding personal […]

Ash Wednesday Worship | Ashes to Go

Ash Wednesday Worship Wednesday, March 2, 7 PM  We will gather at 7 PM in the sanctuary to receive ashes on our heads, confess our brokenness, and begin our Lenten journey. This annual reminder of our mortality gives us the humility to remember that we are dust, and it is by the grace of God […]

Lent 2022: “Created for Community”

by Pastor Gretchen Mertes The invitation to Lent spoken on Ash Wednesday reminds us that we enter this season together “with the whole church.” It goes on to state that “we are created for communion with God, to love one another, and to live in harmony with creation.” Though many common Lenten practices rightly invite […]

You Are Invited to The Journey

Ask any member of this congregation what the most formative part of their involvement at Our Redeemer’s was, and first they’ll tell you that they felt welcomed. The next thing they’ll say is, “I loved being part of The Journey.” Many folks have participated more than once!  For the five Sundays of Lent, from 4–6 […]

Advocate for Those Who are Vulnerable

During the 60-day Washington Legislative Session Two communities who experience danger and unwanted vulnerability need our advocacy. Learn here how to to speak up for them and how to do it during the Washington State legislative session. Thank you for showing your care! 1. Indigenous women, girls and two-spirit people go missing and are murdered […]

Special Congregational Meeting – February 13

February 13, 12:30 PM | Zoom Just beyond the scope of our renovation, and the sewer scope done for our renovation, are 77 year old sewer pipes which we discovered in December are crumbling and have root balls, and not working. Stop-gap repairs have been made, but serious work to our sewer line is necessary […]

Black History Month with a Lutheran Focus

African-American Lutherans have been in the United States for more than 350 years. The history of black Lutheranism in America began with the baptism of Emmanuel (no last name recorded) at the Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Matthew in New York City in 1669. Today, much of this rich history and ongoing engagement is the […]

Arise! Shine! Epiphany – Season of Light

There’s certainly been plenty of gloom lately! Shadows of uncertainty lurking in the corners of our consciousness. Even before Advent, we’ve been hoping, and waiting for, and finally, welcoming the Christ child, and the peace and joy he brings. Arise, shine! For your light has come!  Isaiah 60:1 Now, as the new year begins, our […]

Theology on Tap REBOOT!

4th Tuesday of each month, 7 PM | Reuben’s Brews, 5010 14th Ave NW Starting January 27, we will gather on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM at Reuben’s Brews (https://reubensbrews.com) to discuss the theological implications of current issues and topics in the news! We will be inviting folks that are knowledgeable […]

Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Human progress never rolls in on wheels of inevitability; it comes through the tireless efforts of [those] willing to work to be co-workers with God… We must use time creatively, in the knowledge that the time is always ripe to do right.” – Martin Luther King Jr., Why We Can’t Wait  The Racial Justice Advocates group […]

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