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Your Heart For Ministry Makes All The Difference

written by Mandy Neill

I thank my God every time I remember you, constantly praying with joy in every one of my prayers for all of you, because of your sharing in the gospel from the first day until now. – Philippians 1:3-5

As people of God and followers of Jesus, we know that God has no hands on the Earth but ours, and no eyes but ours, and no mouths but ours. The work of God on the Earth is ours to do. Thanks be to God for this overwhelming list of beautiful souls that have answered God’s call to be of use in this community in tangible and real ways! This is how we show up in the world – as love embodied with every stitch, meal, song, meeting, plan, repair, lesson, committee and laugh! From advocating for justice to remembering our heritage to building for the future, we thank God for you and your willingness to serve. Blessings to you, and thank you for being a blessing to God!

Amy Borgmeyer 

Amy Hammett 

Andrew Shimer 

Anita Lewis 

Ava Haroldson

Barb Dougherty 

Barb Moen

Barbara Smith

Ben Kalina 

Betsy McGregor 

Bob Carlson 

Brenna Campbell

Candace Todd

Carl Christensen 

Carolyn Davis 

Cathy Frannson

Chris Kalinski 

Christine Skow 

Cindy Anderson 

Cindy Ege 

Connie Sandstrom 

Corey Cox

Dana Wright 

Dave Eicke 

David McBride 

Dena Weller
  (and daughter) 

Denny Palmason 

Diana Myers 

Dinah Coble 

Donna Lansberry 

Ed Kloth 

Eliza Prentice 

Emilie Purvine 

Eric Johnson 

Eric Olson 

Eric Running 

Erica Prentice 

Erin Miller 

Fred Flickinger 

Guy Michaelson 

Harold Dickinson-

Hazel Prentice 

Holly Gundacker

Iris Minus 

Jana Brady

Janet Woodfield 

Jerri Harden

Joanna Elizondo 

Jodi Somm 

John Borgmeyer 

John Somm 

Johnna Michaelson

Jolanta Grigsby 

Jordan Holt 

Judith Malmgren

Judy Chambers 

Judy Wright 

Julianna Rigg- Hillard 

Julie Lowe 

Julie Vannoy 

Karen Carlson

Kari Guddal 

Karlie Savo 

Katharine Chrisman 

Katy Ellingsen 

Kris Rogness 

Kristin Miller 

Kyle McBride

Kyra Ege 

Lake Neill

Lars Sveum

Liam Dugaw 

Linda Carbone 

Linda Christensen 

Lisa Thompson 

Lisa Watkins 

Lorna Williams 

Lucy Watkins 

Lynne McNeill 

Malaika Dugaw

Marco Cerrato 

Margaret Berg 

Maria Kalina 

Marie Brissette 

Marie Nordquist-

Marjorie Minus 

Mary Martha

Mary Peters 

Mary Peterson 

Matt Grover 

Meagan Minus-

Metriese Wayne

Michael Hammett

Mike Hlastala 

MJ McDermott

Morgan Fowler 

Nancy Oldenkamp 

Niels Running 

Noel Wannebo 

Oskar Somm 

Pamela Altman 

Pamela Anderson 

Paul Grigsby

Paul Kalina 

Paula Hlastala 

Phillipa Dugaw 

Rachel Stenberg

Rachel Trussell 

Randy Smith

Rebecca Dugopolski 

Ross Coble 

Ryan Mertes 

Sally Parker-

Sam Purvine 

Sam Trussell 

Sandy Box 

Sarah Bod 

Scott Chrisman 

Shelbe Kukowski 

Sherry Rosing 

Sonja Braasch 

Stephanie Fowler 

Stephanie Running

Steve Cromwell 

Sue Schoolcraft 

Susan Fegler 

Tad Anderson 

Tamara Anderson 

Tim Dugaw

Tim Hunter 

Tom Bernard 

Tricia Kloth 

Victoria Gibson 

Weller Mertes 

Wilson Ellingsen 

Zeke Mertes


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