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What is Pastoral Care? 

Many times in our lives, we find ourselves struggling with our relationship with God, and how God pertains to our lives.  The struggle may come from a loss – a loss of relationship through death, divorce or estrangement, the loss of a job or career, the loss of health or well-being.  The struggle may come from changes – becoming a parent, or having children leave home, a change in our friendships or goals, having to move or relocate for various reasons.  

Whenever we are facing questions or struggles, pastoral care is an option for us.  Pastors are trained to listen, pray, and be present with their parishioners in different situations.  To be clear, most pastors are not therapists or counselors, but they are good listeners and know how to refer people who need further care to seek professional guidance. 

When you are dealing with a situation that would benefit from pastoral care, please reach out and let us know.  If there is a death, or someone is hospitalized, please call! Your pastor will come to be with you and pray any time of the day or night.  If you are having a less time-sensitive struggle, reach out and schedule time together to pray and connect.  Our pastor is also available by phone, email and text to pray and check in.

One of the best ways our congregation provides pastoral care outside of direct conversation with the pastor is through our Caring Community Team who provides meal assistance, caring cards, and prayer. We also have Emmaus Visitors, who care for our homebound members, bringing communion and companionship to them monthly.  Our prayer team also can pray for those whose needs are acute, via email or phone.  

Pastoral care is a gift of being part of a congregation that many people aren’t aware of, or don’t know when to ask for in their lives.  Please don’t hesitate – this is one of the best ways we can stay connected and engaged when life throws us a curve ball.  Thanks be to God.

Contact: welcome@ourredeemers.net or call 206-783-7900.

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