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Welcome Gianfranco “Gian” Foddai

Our Redeemer’s New Informal Worship Music Director 

Please welcome musician Gianfranco Foddai, our new 9:00 am Worship Music Director, to Our Redeemer’s. Gianfranco, who goes by Gian (pronounced “John”), moved to Seattle from his home country of Italy in 2017. As a professional musician in Italy, Gian worked as a multi-instrument live performer, producer, audio engineer, and music teacher. In Seattle he has continued to develop his professional music career. Currently, Gian is the Music Director of Saint John’s Episcopal Church in Kirkland. He also teaches for Fingerprint School of Music, and plays live shows in the Seattle area. 

Gian first started studying piano at age 8, and continued to have a strong passion for music throughout his life. He studied piano, composition, and music and new technologies at the “Conservatorio di Musica di Sassari” (Conservatory of Music of Sassari), graduating in 2008. During that time, Gian also developed a strong passion for playing guitar and later became interested in rock music, funk and soul, electronic, and European folk music. 

Gian plays many instruments: piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, synths, accordion, mandolin, percussions, electronics…and he sings, too! Gian’s first Sunday as 9:00 am Informal Worship Music Director is November 12th. Let’s give him a warm welcome!


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