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Wednesday Bible Study in June

Wednesdays, 10:30 AM – Noon, on Zoom*

Unfortunately, once again – Israel and Palestine are fighting over land, an old, old story. This course offers an in-depth overview of the most important archaeological discoveries related to stories in the Bible, from Genesis to the Gospels. As in 2021, this news does not originate in a vacuum; each volume emerges in a specific time and place, within a distinct social, cultural, and literary milieu. In the process, these Bible stories were shaped by the most powerful civilizations of their time: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Assyria, Babylonia, Persia, Greece, and the world of imperial Rome. It will be interesting in the eons to come how these lands will be described as they were shaped by the Western World, including in a large way, the United States of America. Each lesson is devoted to a particular division or book in the Judeo-Christian Bible. There are 24 lessons and, as you can see below, we are in the bottom half.

The last seven lessons address a number of groundbreaking discoveries related to the New Testament era. They follow the birth and adolescence of Jesus, the growth of his ministry, and a detailed reconstruction of the Passion, based on new archaeological findings in Jerusalem. The last lesson charts the rise of early Christianity. This course is deliberately presented from a nondenominational perspective. It is a fascinating study of history and an inspirational one of faith. And through it all the message of God’s unrelenting pursuit of us, his creatures, because he misses us and loves us. 

We will continue through the summer until we do lesson 24, at which time our attention will be drawn to another study—unknown to all, including me, Carolyn Swanson – cdkswan@gmail.com or 206-390-7732 (note a different email and telephone number than are in the church directory).


15. The Empire of Alexander the Great – June 2

16. Judea in the Early Roman Empire – June 9

17. The Kingdom of Herod the Great – June 16

18. The World of the Gospels – June 23

19. The Birth of Jesus – June 30

If you would like to join us, or at least try it, please email me at cdkswan@gmail.com or call 206-390-7732. We meet at 10:30  each Wednesday morning and end promptly at noon. Our media is Zoom. I send the contact link each week to participants. We have about 10-12 faithful students. Join us!

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