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Vision-Aligned Building Update – August 2017

Fellowship Hall Work Completed!

With the installation of carpet tiles, renovation work on the Fellowship Hall was completed in mid-July and dedicated on July 30 after the worship service. I am happy to report that the project came in on time and under budget. With these savings, we were able to put the original lighting design concepts– that were removed due to cost concerns–back into the plan. Money for the project came entirely from money already collected from the Capital Campaign and funds previously raised for Fellowship Hall improvements, as voted on by the congregation on March 5.

Improvements to Fellowship Hall include:

  • New carpet tiles with sound abatement
    and plastic laminate flooring,
  • Laundry facilities for church and Road2Housing program use,
  • New two story storage space along east wall,
  • New dimable lighting,
  • Completely renovated bathroom, including new ADA accessible shower for Road2Housing program,
  • New alcove for Road2Housing program refrigerator and storage space, and
  • Walls, doors, and ceiling painting.

Thanks to all who contributed!

A special thank you also to LZL Construction for doing such good work on this project, especially Rick Gertson, Site Supervisor, and Dennis Lehtinan, Owner.

Future Phases

Requests for Proposals went out to five different design-build firms in re: next phases of the Vision-Aligned Building Project, and are expected back by the end of July. The VAB Team will review the proposals in August, and we hope to start work with the contractors in early Fall 2017. If all goes well with the permitting process, etc., we hope to begin work on the sanctuary, offices, and narthex/entry areas in the summer of 2018.

Before moving forward with the next phase, per church policies and council instructions, the congregation will have the opportunity to vote on expending Capital Campaign and Legacy funds and/or taking out a building loan. Additional opportunities to learn more about what’s ahead with the project, and future forums to ask questions and express concerns are also being planned. In the meantime, we will continue to provide monthly VAB updates in The Visitor, and will publicize future Congregational Meetings in all our usual communications avenues.

The VAB Team is: Jim Arnold, Don Boelter, Pastor Kathy Hawks, Mike Hlastala, Kirsten Malone, Guy Michaelsen, and Ryan Mertes.

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