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Vacation Bible School 2020


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Our VBS this summer is obviously a little different, but it should be loads of fun!  We are sad that we can’t be together in person, but we will still be sharing our art and our ideas.  We encourage you to register. It could just be your household, or it could be a few families from your block, or if you just have a playmate that would make VBS more fun for your child – whatever you’re comfortable with hosting.

Here’s how it works:

Each day we will gather on zoom for an opening time of songs and fun with Pastor Gretchen, and then you’ll be off to the races with whomever you have invited to be part of your VBS.  We check back in on zoom at lunch time to see what people learned, and to share what we’ve done.

Each day there are six activities:

  • Bible Story
  • Games
  • Music
  • Snack
  • Crafts
  • Community Crafts

You can do them in whatever order you want each day, except the first day when the craft comes first.  The activities are designed for kids ages Kindergarten – 4th grade, and older kids make great helpers and game leaders.  The whole family can pitch in!

Craft supplies and snack supplies will be assembled by volunteers for each hosting home.  They will be dropped off the weekend before VBS.

Here’s the daily themes we will be looking at for Being A Neighbor!

Day 1: The Walls Fall Down – People have always been willing to stand up for what they believe. The people in this story used trumpets to make their voices heard and bring God’s love.

Day 2: The Good Neighbor – When someone is in need, we stop and help them. No matter how different they might be, we are to help them. That is what Jesus means by loving your neighbor. Your neighbors is anyone in need.

Day 3: Talking Donkey – God speaks to us in unexpected ways. Listen to the world around you. Listen to people. Listen to creation. Listen to your own heart

Day 4: Jesus Stands Tall – Standing up for others is how you be like Jesus. Jesus stepped in to help even if other people did not like that he did.

Please click here to register to become a leader.

All questions can go to Pastor Gretchen, who is super excited to help you participate!

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