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The Journey 2021

  • Are you… Have you… Would you like to become a member of Our Redeemer’s? 
  • Are you considering baptism? 

Then The Journey is for you!

Have you been part of Our Redeemer’s for a long time, and looking to renew your commitment to our community? Year after year, we hear that this experience is the best thing that has happened for folks in a long time, and that it is always worth the time. Some people participate every year, because they find it so fulfilling. 

We are offering The Journey class experience as an online event this year. Each Sunday in Lent, we will meet in the afternoon on Zoom, and explore the following foundational Lutheran theological areas:

  • Keeping the main thing the main thing – God’s Grace
  • Grace in the flesh – Jesus
  • Grace made visible and interactive – Baptism & Communion
  • God’s living Word of grace – The Bible
  • Living in grace – Faith Practices 
  • God’s grace alive through us – Gifts & Calling
  • As part of the Journey, we participate in small groups, led by leaders from our congregation, and meet congregational mentors who walk with us through this experience. 

Together, we will meet leaders from many of our various ministries – music, social justice, welcome and caring, stewardship, faith formation, and our leadership team – the Church Council. 

We all have questions when it comes to churches and community. Through this Journey experience, look more closely at what committing to Our Redeemer’s as our faith community might mean for us. What does church membership imply? What do I give and what do I get from this congregation? What does it look like to care for each other, and walk alongside each other in faith? What does it mean to support our neighborhood, and look out for each other? How can we invest in God’s call to us? How can I be a better caretaker of the earth, of humanity, and of what I have been given?

There are so many questions we have when exploring a church or community of faith, and the Journey gives us an opportunity to find some answers, and have God pose some new ones. If you are interested in participating, we encourage you to reach out to Pastor Kathy or Pastor Gretchen and let them know.