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Spiritual Lifehack*

Daily connections with God, self and others, always nourish and energize us.

We know this, right? Those moments of serenity and clarity in prayer. The power of connecting with someone on an honest, human level. The satisfaction when we do something that matters to the universe and to us.

But boy, spiritual connections are easy to forget, and hard to turn into habits.   How can we find more that’s good and centering and positive – every day?

Well, it IS possible. But we can’t do it alone. We ALL need help. From God and from each other.

So this Easter, the season of new life, Our Redeemer’s is trying something new. Try it with us!  We’re challenging each other to commit to 4 weeks of regular intentions and practices that connect us with God, with ourselves and with others. The pastors and some members have created a menu of options to simplify your planning, but allow enough flexibility to make it work for you.

*Hack:  A tool or technique that makes some aspect of one’s life easier or more efficient.

The Basics

Worship Weekly ~ May 7 – June 4

Attend worship at Our Redeemer’s, a different church, or on a different day if Sunday morning at Our Redeemer’s doesn’t work.

Connect Daily ~ With God, with yourself, with others.

Use your Sunday bookmark and the options here to select your daily connection with God, your daily connection with yourself and your daily connection with others.

Join the Conversation, Find Support ~ #spirituallifehack

Use the private Spiritual Lifehack Facebook group in the month of May (and possibly beyond). Engage in it for inspiration, support, and to share your experiences!

Let’s get started!

Get Ready:

  • Complete the commitment letter.  What is your why:  Why do you want this focus in your life?  Where do you seek greater wholeness?  (Only you will see this.)
  • Check out the resources and options provided here and at church each week.  What appeals to you?  What will you try out?

Get Set:

  • Each week, use the bookmark in the Sunday worship bulletin to:
    • Set your week’s intention.
    • Check out fresh ideas and resources.
    • Sit down with your calendar and choose the ways and times you will connect with God, yourself and others that week.  Make time – whether it’s 10 minutes or 60 – so it works with your life, your calendar, your needs.  What are you already doing you can link to, or build on?  Make it your own.


  • Worship the 4 Sundays of May. (Yep. A high bar. How else will you develop new habits and experience their benefits?)
  • Go to www.facebook.com/groups/spirituallifehack/.  Share your favorites, your suggestions, your frustrations and your discoveries.  Lean on and learn from others.
  • Take it one week at a time!  It can be overwhelming to think about the long term.

This isn’t a race or a competition.

  • Give yourself grace, but don’t give up!

Let’s Do This!

How Will I Know What Practices to Do?

Experiment with the different options provided and ask yourself:

  • Does one thing not fit? Try something else!
  • Can you not do the whole thing? Break it up into parts! 
  • Do you love one option? Add it to your daily routine!

The important part of this practice is to keep trying and to reach out to the community when you feel you need it. We’re all in this together. Take a look at the different options we’ve compiled to give you ideas on how to connect with God, Yourself, and Others.

Connect with God:


Connect with Yourself:


Connect with Others:

Spiritual Lifehack Facebook Group

Not everything will work for everyone, don’t worry! This is meant to be a resource for you to explore different ways people have come up with their own spiritual practice throughout history. Whether it’s through a public hashtag or a private prayer, God is still there with you, helping you to find the awe in God’s creation. Let’s do this!

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