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Sacred Storytelling – Social Justice Focus

Adult Forums, January 9 and 16, 10 AM | Fellowship Hall

Over the past months, many of us have enjoyed reconnecting by listening to each other’s faith journey stories. 

This month, we’ll be doing a different kind of storytelling. During adult forums on January 9 and 16, everyone is invited to come share and listen to stories of our personal and church involvement in social justice, and how that has impacted us. 

We’ll be having conversations and telling our stories café-style (with or without cardamom buns, Covid-dependent) around tables in the Fellowship Hall.

On January 9th, we’ll be reflecting on our past commitments, responding to prompts like:

• Tell a story about a way you have been involved in social/environmental justice that has been meaningful to you. 

• Share a time that you were inspired by Our Redeemer’s to “do justice or love kindness.” (Micah 6:8)

On the 16th, we will invite stories that begin to look forward to other possible ways of engaging. 

• When you look around at our wider community and earth, what is breaking your heart? 

• What action do you long to take, or change you want to be part of, either personally or as part of a group? 

The stories we share will inform our discernment about our future social justice goals. Whether or not you have participated in Our Redeemer’s social justice activities, please join us for these Council-sponsored events!