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How to Help: Food Security & Compass House

During this time of crisis, we still want to support our neighbors, especially those who are having trouble obtaining healthy food on a regular basis.  We have an opportunity to partner with the downtown Seattle Compass House a 75-unit housing program for formerly homeless and low-income men, women and children to help feed their residents.  There are two ways to do so:
Provide gift cards from Safeway or QFC (the closest more affordable grocery stores) in the amount of $25.  If you want to donate a larger amount, please do so by increasing the number of gift cards.  This allows the staff at Compass House to have the most flexibility in distributing them.  They would like actual gift cards, not computer generated cards, because the computer-generated cards require a recipient name filled in. These cards can be ordered online and mailed to you, if you want to avoid going into a store.
Provide actual meals either a main dish (soup, casserole, etc.), bread and/or dessert.  We would like to deliver these items on a weekly basis, but you can choose to help as frequently or infrequently as it works for you – weekly, monthly or a one-time donation. The residents at Compass House range from single individuals to families with several children.  If we provide the food packaged in servings for two, it can be distributed in the appropriate quantities. Here are the guidelines:
  • Compass House residents have kitchens and are equipped to reheat food stove top and in the oven.  Ziploc bags are an economical way to package, with a serving for 2 per bag.  Label bags with ingredients and any instructions.
  • There are residents with dietary restrictions, so some vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free would be appreciated. Additionally, there are several residents who cannot eat pork or pork products, such as gelatin. This is why labeling is very important.
  • Items that need to be reheated, such are burritos, can be wrapped in foil and then put in a Ziploc bag.
  • Desserts/snacks should be packaged in the same manner and labeled with ingredients
  • Please use careful precautions in food preparation and packaging.
We are not asking for sign-ups—contribute as you are able— as the spirit moves you, and Compass House will be thankful for whatever is provided. We will have three dropoff locations for food and gift cards, to be delivered same day to Compass House.
  • Drop-off on Thursday by noon.  There will be a cooler on the front porch in which  to put your food.  If you miss the noon dropoff, your food will not make it, unless you make prior arrangements.
  • Capital Hill drop-off:  Jim and Patti Dietz, 2203 13th Ave. East, Seattle 98102
  • North end drop-off:  Bobbie and Todd McCollough, 9820 44th Ave. NE, Seattle 98115
  • Ballard drop-off:  Cindy Krueger, 2848 NW 72nd, Seattle 98117
  • Delivery to Compass House will be made later on Thursday afternoon.
If you have any questions or want to send gift cards rather than drop off, please contact:.
Kay Olsen; email: kayolsen@icloud.comtext: 206.726.1548
Address: 2035 Fairview E; Houseboat A; Seattle, WA 98102