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The Faith Formation Team was formed to re-imagine Faith Formation for our youngest members at Our Redeemer’s. We developed a vision which has been our guidepost for creating a vital and engaging Children and Youth program. COVID has caused us all to pause, yet in the case of the Faith Formation Team, it has allowed us the space and time we have needed plan a revitalized children’s program which will debut along with our newly renovated building in September of 2021!

Relationships are the Foundation

Our program is based in relationship: Relationship to God, and relationship to each other. We know that one of the most powerful of relationships are those that are inter-generational. We invite members of all ages to be a part of this essential program. Each of our classes will have a teacher and host. The teacher will be imparting the selected curriculum for the day, while the host will greet each child and assist as needed in the classroom. We need 3 teams of two for each grade level class so that our children come to know many adult leaders in church but even more importantly, develop strong, positive relationships with each member of the teaching team. 

We want our children to play an active role in our worship service. Our classes will be held between services. During the 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM service we would include and schedule children to rotate in pairs or trios and deliver part of our worship service, such as the end of service blessing.



Fellowship is important for all! Children will begin each week with fellowship, music and snacks altogether before breaking into age group classes. Meanwhile, parents will have a place set aside for them to have a space for their own fellowship and conversation. 

Supporting Families at Home

Faith Formation tools will be provided for families to continue faith practices at home throughout the week. Along with a family friendly bible, brief activities, discussion starters, and prayers, will be available and given to parents to continue the lessons of Sunday throughout the week. 

Our New APP! 

Families and volunteers can stay on top of all Children’s Programing through our new app. This app will include the yearly calendar of events, the teacher/host calendar and messaging for different groups. Messaging will allow parents to communicate with each other to connect, to schedule and to ask questions. 

We need your help with getting the spaces ready! We need help with preparing the classrooms! We have anonymous donors who have provided the funds needed to make our classrooms sparkle. Among the tasks we will need help with:

  • Cleaning and preparing rooms for flooring
  • Painting
  • Decorating rooms by season (this will need to be done about every 2 months)
  • Furniture movement and set up

    Contact Pastor Gretchen if you can help out: pastor.gretchen@ourredeemers.net.

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