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Council Member Corner – Diana Myers

by Diana Myers

Be Kind. Remember those yard signs Pastor G ordered a few years ago? I had to have one and placed it on the corner of our property. People stopped by, conversations happened, where can I get one, they asked? Our little neighborhood community was talking to each other because of the ‘Be Kind’ sign.

Our family consists of three and one furry cat. While we are a small family, my husband and I both come from large extended families. I was raised in Kent, WA and my family attended Kent Lutheran Church. I Graduated from WSU (Go Cougs), got married (34years!) and like many young adults, didn’t really attend church for a while. 

Fast forward…. we found out about this great church through friends and started attending around 2008. Our son was part of a huge group of kids that year and Miss Charlotte said, “I need you parents to volunteer!” A great way to meet other parents, I thought. Little did I know…. This is when I first started to volunteer. I’m just helping out I thought. My volunteering began as a Sunday School teacher in tandem with Pamela Altman, Heather Cook and a few other parents ( I loved making crafts with the kids), and progressed to 9am Coffee maker, sandwich maker, crafts person, chaperone at camp and confirmation events and eventually, I find myself on the Church Council.

Community. That is what I feel when I attend Our Redeemers, a sense of place and a feeling of belonging. While I do not know everyone, I strive to find a kind word and smile at everyone I meet (I might be wearing a mask though). Please reach out and say “Hi” – I’m usually at the 9:00 am service. Blessings to all – Diana

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