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Confirmation Class Tackles Questions of Faith 

by The Confirmation Team

The confirmation class has continued to explore Jesus’ life and Lutheran theology tackling questions such as the meaning of evil, salvation by grace, and how this all relates to our lives today. Students have engaged in conversations about the legalistic view of salvation in the Old Testament, and the path to salvation through Jesus in the New Testament. For example, in discussing the concept of ‘who is our neighbor’, we highlighted a stark difference in Jesus teaching the 2nd most important commandment is “love thy neighbor,” as opposed to the legalistic view guiding the 10 commandments listed in the Old Testament. 

Whenever possible we guide the topics, relating to current events, social and economic issues, and other topics of concern the class has shared with us. These discussions are enriched by the varied thoughts, opinions, and lived experiences each youth brings to class. The confirmation team approaches these conversations as a blend of facilitator, information giver, and even questioner, with respect given that these youth are on their own faith journey’s, and growing in their individual relationships with God. 

– Michael Hammett, Stephanie Fowler, Pastor Gretchen