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Carolyn Swanson – An Appreciation

by Stephanie Running

When the dictionary wrote the definition for “generosity”, they must have been thinking of Carolyn!

Carolyn is from a seriously LUTHERAN family. Her father was an ordained pastor. She started teaching Bible studies more than 60 years ago. She taught the Bethel Bible Series in Burlington, WA and went to Madison, Wisconsin to get the training. She was even prepping for Bible study in the hospital just before her baby girl, Karen, was born in 1965. When I first joined this church in 2008, Carolyn was an office volunteer. She made sure that there were people to read scripture, help with Communion, and take care of the important tasks that keep church happening.

In 2010 Carolyn started leading weekly Bible study. Every Wednesday morning, she was ready. She brought two canvas bags of papers and books and materials to share with us so that we could learn all about the topic. Carolyn did hours of research for every class. And she made copies for each person for every class. Over the years we studied the Old Testament, the Books of Wisdom, the Kings of ancient Israel, the Prophets, the Gospels, the travels of Saint Paul, the Epistles of Saint Paul. And also, to the agony of some of us, the Book of Revelation.

When the Covid 19 pandemic began, Carolyn learned how to use zoom to teach. Carolyn was having difficulty walking, but she was still able to teach from home. The last class she taught focused on the history and architecture of the Bible—from the Great Courses and National Geographic.

Carolyn has decided that she is not able to be the leader of the Wednesday morning Bible Study any longer. Her health and the challenges of technology have made it too much for her. Carolyn needs our prayers now. We thank you for Carolyn, who is the perfect definition of Generosity.

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