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Are You Being Called to Serve in a New Way?

As we run toward re-opening our building, the need for everyone to step up and serve is becoming clear! How is God calling you to be involved at church this fall? We invite you to prayerfully contemplate being on one of the following teams. It’s going to take ALL of us to get Our Redeemer’s back in full swing!
(See who to contact information at bottom of this post.)

Sunday Roles:

  • Welcome
  • Coffee Hosts: prepping for coffee hour
  • Sanctuary Hosts: straightening and organizing the sanctuary before each service.
  • Opening the Building: arriving early and opening doors and turning on lights
  • Closing the Building: staying after the 11:00 service to secure the building.
  • Worship Assistants
  • Ushers – both services
  • Altar Team – Setting the table for communion, and preparations for special events like baptism, all saints, and confirmation. Both services.
  • Readers and Communion Helpers – both services.
  • Sound & A/V
  • 9:00 service audio – running sound for the ensemble so everything works!
  • 9:00 service video – streaming our service online.
  • 11:00 service audio – running sound for the choir so everything works!
  • 11:00 service video – streaming our service online.
  • Faith Formation A/V – making sure our educators have whatever AV they need.
  • Faith Formation | Kids – Contact Betsy McGregor for all the details.
  • Teachers 
  • Class Hosts
  • Nursery Care
  • Prayground Helpers
  • Faith Formation | Adults – Contact Pastor Kathy for all the details.
  • Teachers
  • Music – Contact Pastor Gretchen or Karen Lee for more details.
  • 11:00 AM service Choir 
  • Children’s Choir
  • Handbells 
  • Informal Ensemble

Preparation for Move-In (in August, times TBD):

  • Cleaning: As we move all the things that were stored into their new homes, we will need to clean drywall dust off of everything. This is a big job!
  • Moving: Hauling all the things to their new places, mostly from the basement upstairs.
  • Basement Classrooms: Painting, moving furniture, organizing Sunday Faith Formation supplies. 

Front Desk Volunteers

…are needed throughout the year to greet visitors and do a variety of general administrative tasks like answering the phone, sorting mail, etc. Contact Katlin Dickinson-Laurence for details.

Please serve! 

Contact these people if you are interested:

Sunday Roles
Welcome & Worship Assistants
Katlin Dickinson-Laurence office@ourredeemers.net

Sound & A/V
Pastor Gretchen pastor.gretchen@ourredeemers.net

Faith Formation | Kids
Betsy McGregor bemac7309@gmail.com

Faith Formation | Adults
Pastor Kathy kathyh@ourredeemers.net

Pastor Gretchen pastor.gretchen@ourredeemers.net
Karen Lee karen@ourredeemers.net

Preparation for Move-In
Karie Stearns administator@ourredeemers.net
Pastor Gretchen pastor.gretchen@ourredeemers.net

Front Desk Volunteers
Katlin Dickinson-Laurence  office@ourredeemers.net