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A Lenten Devotional – Created by You!

Calling all Children of God! If you’re a big reader, a photographer, an artist, a writer, or a thinker – we would love for you to participate in our Lenten devotional!

For Lent this year, we are hoping to engage the congregation around one word each week, from all different angles. Tying together with Dana Wright’s class on the Lord’s Prayer that is being offered, we have pulled six focus words from the Lord’s Prayer: Holy, (God’s) Will, Bread, Forgive, Temptation, and (God’s) Kingdom. Each day of Lent, our folks will receive a devotional email reflection on that word. You are invited to sign up for a “word” for one day, which will include a reflection piece. 

Reflection pieces can be anything that resonates for you – artwork, a song or hymn, a favorite Bible story or parable, a passage from a book, a poem, or a part of nature. 

For example, take the word “Bread.” It may inspire you to share the song “Come Let Us Eat” from the hymnal. So, you would sign up for a day with that word and indicate that you will share a reflection on the song. Then, write a brief paragraph or story, explaining how you connect the word from the Lord’s Prayer with the reflection piece you have chosen. 

You are not limited by the categories given – for example, if a person wanted to talk about how a certain plant gives them insight about the Kingdom of God, that would be amazing. Or if someone had a favorite poem that talked about forgiveness, that would be brilliant. It’s really up to you! 

Here’s the link to sign up: https://rb.gy/bavalc

We appreciate you taking the time to create a small reflection for our congregation in the spirit of Lent. It’s an important time for us to go inward and reflect on our faith. Sharing our findings from that time of reflection is a gift! Everything we can do these days to stay connected to God and each other is worth our time.

Please email Pastor Gretchen if you have any questions, or if this is confusing. Your willingness to try is appreciated! We ask that you have your reflection to us by February 5th, so the staff can get it out to the congregation in a timely manner.

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