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A Call for Your Photos!

Capturing Our Church Family’s Moments: A Call for Your Photos!

In the heart of our church community lie countless moments of joy, fellowship, and shared experiences. These moments, both big and small, weave together the beautiful tapestry of our shared journey in faith. As we continue to nurture this spirit of togetherness, we invite each of you to become storytellers through the lens of your cameras.

Whether it’s a smiling face during Sunday service, a candid capture from a fellowship gathering, or a group shot from a community outreach endeavor, each photo holds the power to illuminate the essence of who we are as a church family.

That’s why we’re reaching out to YOU to be a vital part of our storytelling journey. We invite you to share your photos of church events with us, so we can weave them into the fabric of our communications and outreach efforts.

Here’s how you can participate:

Capture Moments: Whenever you attend a church event, bring your camera or smartphone and capture those special moments.

Share with Us: Email your photos to communications@ourredeemers.net, along with a brief description of the event and the names of anyone featured in the photo (if applicable).

Grant Permission: By sharing your photos, you grant permission for their use in church communications, including newsletters, social media posts, and website content. Rest assured, your photos will be credited whenever possible.

Your contributions will not only enhance our communication efforts but also strengthen the bonds of fellowship within Our Redeemer’s. Thank you for your ongoing support and enthusiasm!

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