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Why and How to Read the Bible?

October Adult Faith Formation: Why and How to Read the Bible?
Sundays, 10 AM | Fellowship Hall – Starting October 2nd

In times of transition, the people of God consistently turn to God, waiting for God’s address of comfort, direction, and promises. There are a variety of ways people of faith listen to God; one primary way has been through the reading of the Bible. This comes, however, with significant questions for us as modern folks. The assumptions of our worldviews seem to clash, and be in opposition to the simple reading of the Bible as Scripture and God’s Word, not to mention the challenging texts that characterize God and God’s people as retributive, war-mongering patriarchs. 

How can we read the Bible faithfully as Christians? Why is it even necessary to turn to Scripture, especially in times of transition? Why and how is it this a faithful practice?

Come and wrestle with us in October’s adult formation time around the whys and hows of reading the Bible for our time and place as faithful, and emerging Christian leaders.

October 2: Why Scripture? Exploring Questions, and Contradictions

October 9: Bible Reading as Scripture and God’s Word: Three Approaches

October 16: The Biblical Narrative and its Scope

October 23: Bible Reading as Spiritual Practice

October 30: Reading the Bible with Martin Luther (What makes for Lutheran Christian Readings of the Bible?)

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