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Reformation Sunday is October 29th

This church is Lutheran, and in the great tradition of our founder Martin Luther, each year we celebrate the protestant reformation at the end of October. Our denomination is built on the idea that while God is powerful and unchanging, the church should not be, and in fact, cannot be and remain alive and relevant. We are called to be in a constant state of growth, asking the penultimate question from Luther’s catechism: What does this mean? When our lives and God presents challenges that seem overwhelming, we know to look to the work and life of Christ and say, “Given our faith in Christ, what are we to do with this information? What indeed does this mean?” 

In such a time as this, when our congregation and our lives seem to still be in so much flux, it is good for us to remember that we began our church-family walk together in a protest, seeking transparency and honesty in our lives together as Christians. 

So, let’s wear red, and ask our questions, and know that God is faithful and will be our rock through whatever storms may come. We are not called to always be the same, but to always know that our God is indeed A Mighty Fortress. Thanks be to God!

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