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Worship Options Expand June 21st: In-Person Worship in the Church Parking Lot

Starting June 21st there is another option to joining us online at 11am on Sundays. You can now celebrate God’s goodness with us together in the parking lot!  We will have music, prayer, communion, and message outdoors — and the joy of seeing each other’s masked faces! CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT by the midnight Friday please.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, and the governor’s guidelines, we are limited to 100 people attending so reservations are required. Here’s the things you need to know to participate outside.

1. Register in advance for each week’s service. RESERVE YOUR SPOT HERE – you can bring up to 4 guests (5 max. in your group). Your contact information will be required as per the governor’s guidelines. At the service, your name and contact information will need to be double checked. WE URGE YOU TO USE ALTERNATIVE MEANS FOR TRAVELING TO THE SITE AS PARKING IS LIMITED. (See Item #7 below.) Come early and bring sunscreen/hat, hand sanitizer and other items tas outlined below.

There are three ways you can participate inside the parking lot venue: 1) In a chair you bring; 2) From inside your car; and 3) if you are driving but will be sitting in a chair you bring, to park your car inside the parking lot. All spots will be assigned thru registration first come first served.

2. You must WEAR a mask and maintain a 6 foot distance from others not in your group.  This applies to adults and children. Families with children that have a hard time social distancing need to consider how this will work for them. The P-Patch will be available for children if they are accompanied closely by an adult. 

3. You need to bring something to sit on. We are not bringing chairs out from inside the church, so plan accordingly.  We will have spots marked out for folks that are appropriately distanced, so you don’t have to worry about that.

4. You need to bring your own communion elements. Just like when we worship from home, you need to bring your own bread and wine/juice to church.

5. You need to bring something to view the bulletin on. We will not be providing printed bulletins, so use your phone or tablet, or print the bulletin out at home prior to coming to church.

6. The church building will be closed, so there are no restrooms available.

7. The church parking lot will be closed to cars that are parking to attend. As the lot is being used for worship, you are encouraged to walk or bike to church. THERE WILL BE A LIMITED NUMBER OF PARKING SPOTS IN THE LOT FOR THOSE WHO, FOR PERSONAL HEALTH REASONS, MUST PARTICIPATE FROM INSIDE THEIR CAR THE ENTIRE TIME. Let us know when you use the registration system if you will be listening to the service from inside your car.

8. Worship will be offered simultaneously on-line. People with vulnerable health conditions are strongly encouraged to worship at home on-line. When registration is full, please join us on-line. 

9. Rain = back to online worship. We will decide at 10am Sunday morning whether the weather will hold for worship. If it is called off for rain, we will post that message everywhere we can.

We need folks to help. If you can be a set up, tear down, or ushering person, that would be fantastic. Please contact Katlin or Pastor Gretchen, if you can lend a hand! We hope to see you there!


If you won’t be there in person, join us ONLINE on Sundays. Here’s how.