Our Redeemer's Blog

In Search of Our Newest Rostered Leader 

by Andrew Shimer

After many weeks of prayerful consideration and deliberation, we are pleased to announce that the Ministry Site Profile (MSP) is in front of ELCA Pastor Andy Yee and being reviewed for final submission! Since this document is the first impression that candidates have of Our Redeemer’s, this is a huge step on our search for the individual that we’ll be calling as our newest rostered leader. Once finalized, the Call Committee will be able to start the exciting work of interviewing candidates.

 One of the primary conversations we’ve struggled through while filling out the MSP is defining the role of our new rostered leader. After discussing amongst ourselves, interviewing leaders from other local churches, and receiving guidance from the Synod, the Call Committee is drawn toward calling a rostered leader that will be able to focus on social justice and faith formation. Based on the conversations we’ve had, we believe that this may be a Deacon that has more emphasis on word and service in order to bring the church beyond our doors and into the community. To be clear, we’re exploring options for either a Pastor or a Deacon; aiming to call somebody that we feel will best serve our congregation.”