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How Introverts can DO PRIDE on June 30!


Every year I find myself in a bit of a quandary about whether I will march in PRIDE. I am an introvert, and that makes large parades of thousands of people not my jam. I have never been to a Seahawks game. I don’t go to concerts in large venues unless I have front row seats and a relationship with the artist. I am truly not a big crowd person unless. Unless I am performing. I probably wouldn’t say no to playing Red Rocks, just sayin. But parades aren’t my jam.

Regarding the Seattle PRIDE parade in which Our Redeemer’s marches with our banner and other ELCA sibs, I believe our presence is important. All ages. Maybe in our Swedish, Norwegian, or Jesus sandals. But it still feels like a stretch for the reasons I mentioned above.

For several years when I worked at a church where the parade ended, I was ok staying at the end where we had a band offering rainbow cookies and giving hugs. I do marches when it comes to a spontaneous social injustice that springs up and extra support to draw attention it is critical. But the PRIDE parade has never been something I chose to march in to show support.

So, I see you, all ye introverts out there. And I want to encourage you to take one step deeper into supporting our LGBTQIA+ sibs out there, from wherever you are. If you have always wanted to march but were afraid to, going with Our Redeemer’s or another community you feel comfortable with is a great step! But if you need other steps to take, consider these small ideas. Every little step that pushes out of our comfort zone is an opportunity to go deeper in your faith and in solidarity with those who are tired of fighting for basic human rights.

Pastor Gretchen will be leading in extroverted joy and you know she has your back. Here are some other small (or perhaps large) steps to take.

  • Pray for participants, the crowd, and policing during the parade
  • Support the Reconciling in Christ movement in prayer and with a donation
  • Donate your bus pass to someone who will march on Sunday, May 30 (contact outreach@ourredeemers.net
  • Get a window cling for your car! https://app.etapestry.com/cart/ReconcilingWorks_1/default/category.php?ref=982.0.23192797
  • Educate yourself – look for a Sex & Gender 101 display coming to Our Redeemers soon
  • LGB youth are almost five times as likely to have attempted suicide compared to heterosexual youth. Become acquainted with the Trevor Project
  • Wear your rainbow garb to the grocery store on June 30

We leave following the 9am service via bus from Our Redeemers. Come to the 9am and Pastor Kathy will pray us on our way! Questions? outreach@ourredeemers.net



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