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From the Pastor – September 2022

Return to the Lord your God, for God is
gracious and merciful.
– Joel 2:13

Happy fall, dear people of Our Redeemer’s! I hope and pray that your summer was refreshing, filled with warmth, connection, and a chance to breathe deeply and appreciate the glory of God’s creation we find all around us, from the beaches to the backyards.

I have had the wonderful chance over the last few years to truly develop my appreciation and knowledge of the wonders of the low tide of the Salish Sea. From sea stars and anemones to nudibranchs and urchins, I find that the many creatures are mysterious and wonderful – albeit sometimes a little slimy. The key to seeking out these creatures is knowing when, where and how to look. A negative low tide, knowing which rock to flip, and learning how to adjust your eyes to see on a tiny scale are all it takes to find wonders that are amazing. But when I first came to the beach as a midwestern transplant, it all seemed very monochrome grey and overwhelming. I didn’t even know where to begin.


As we return to fall and our “regularly scheduled programming” here at church, our feelings about re-engaging are all over the map. Dealing with an ongoing (never-ending?) pandemic can seem like finding your place may not happen or may not be worth the energy. In some ways it can very much look like the beach – grey and full of rocks and sand and seaweed detritus and not much else. I hope that we can start to look closer, and on a smaller scale, for treasures that may be hidden from view at first glance. 

Meanwhile, here are some things you can be assured of:

1. We are dedicated to maintaining our online worship and adult education programming, as well as having fulfilling live in-person worship and education. We will be streaming the 11 AM service every Sunday (a shift from streaming both 9 & 11), and continue to find online options for adult education, such as the LiVE classes offered through our synod – see Pastor David’s article for more information on page 6. We hope everyone can stay involved, connected, and edified through participation at Our Redeemer’s.

2. We are dedicated to our children and youth, offering creative fun and education opportunities for them to learn, sing, and develop intergenerational relationships as part of their ongoing faith formation. Our team is passionate about kids and their love of God and each other!

3. We are dedicated to helping everyone find your way back into ministry (and the building) at the pace you are comfortable with given physical and mental health concerns, and your ability to participate. Please reach out if there is something we could do to help you feel more connected.

4. We are dedicated to prayer and support through our Caring Community Team, our Prayer Team, and our worshiping community. We are so blessed to have so many folks who care for those around them.

We hope that you will find engagement with your faith community to be a gift not only to God, and to those you serve, but to your own soul. 

-Pastor Gretchen Mertes

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