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Faith Formation Update

by Pastor Gretchen Mertes and Mandy Neill

New Resource for Kids and Families

Bible Connections for Families

If your family is like ours, you’ve been hoping for a tool to help your child grow in faith and stay connected to church without adding yet another Zoom or Teams meeting. We have developed a resource for you! Based on the lectionary Bible reading we use in worship each week, you will receive an online guide to help you take 20 minutes to grow in faith as a family. It includes: a simple check-in tool, basic Bible study, and prayer that are new each week.

There are four age levels being provided: Sprouts (3-5 years), Elementary (Kinder – 5th grade), Youth (6th grade – high school), and Adults. This tool is similar to the “Circles of Connection” study guide that has been provided throughout 2020. Each family is encouraged to try out the various levels and find the one that works best for them. 

In your email, you will receive a link to a Google PowerPoint document. Each slide has a focus:

Check in – 

How’s everyone doing?

One special question related to the topic at hand.

Bible Reading –

One of the readings from Sunday, or an excerpt.

An image that relates to the reading or sermon.

Reflection Questions –

Three questions, based on the reading and the sermon from Sunday.

Questions are designed to relate the Bible to our lives and experiences.

There are no wrong answers.

A Brief Activity –

A drawing, scavenger hunt, list, or reflection.

Send it back to Pastor Gretchen, so we can stay in touch!

A Prayer – 

Families are encouraged to name the people they want to remember.
Or, pray the prayer included on the slides. 

We know that there’s no substitute for in-person learning. Building relationships with peers and mentors in your faith community is key to spiritual growth! But we hope to strengthen the bonds of faith within families, encouraging parents to talk to their family members about their own faith, and grow together in the strength of God’s Word and grace and love.

If you have questions about this program, would like to be more involved, or help create some of the study guides (yes please!), please contact Mandy Neill (neillmandy@gmail.com) , and she will get you involved and signed up!

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