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Council Candidate Bios


Scott Chrisman (upper left)


Ben Kalina (upper right)

I am heading into my sophomore year at Bishop Blanchet High School. At Blanchet, I enjoy playing football and weight lifting with the football team. Outside of school, I like to ski, play ultimate Frisbee, and hang out with friends. As a Lutheran, going to a Catholic high school has provided me with some interesting perspectives and experiences. I joined Our Redeemer’s in September of 2021 and was confirmed in October of 2022 after a year of confirmation classes. At Our Redeemer’s, I have enjoyed participating in Ballard Sunday Dinners, listening to the pastor’s sermons, and having thoughtful conversations with other members. I am interested in church council to gain financial experience and experience in a leadership position as I move through high school and onto college.

Erica Prentice (lower left)

Here I am looking at joining council a little nervous yet excited that I have this opportunity to grow my faith and give to church a little of me. I’ve been a member of Our Redeemer’s for around ten years. I live here in Ballard and am about to have two daughters at Whitman Middle School. I started here looking for a loving and supportive community in which my daughters could grow up. In the end it’s me that has also “grown up” here and have felt much love and support from this amazing community.

Jan Ward (lower right)

I’ve been a long-time member of Our Redeemer’s with my three children being confirmed here. I spent many years involved with Altar Care including several stints overseeing those serving on Altar Care and keeping the Sacristy stocked. During my first stint I researched and wrote a how-to manual. When I started on Altar Care over 30 women served making the tasks light. When the remodel started there was only me and two others and we officially retired. I would like to continue involvement in the life of this Congregation in a different capacity with Church Council seeming like a good place to start.