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by Erica Lee

Hi! My name is Erica Lee and I am the Zoom Host and Facebook Live Host for the traditional 11 AM worship services on Sunday mornings at Our Redeemer’s as well as for special worship services.

I wanted to update you all on where we are with online worship options and explain how our new online coffee hour works.

Here’s how our revamped 10 AM coffee hour works! During the height of Covid, it was great to see everyone come together and talk and catch up online on Zoom. Since then, this hasn’t been happening as much, so we created a new way for everyone to say “hello” again online.

There is a large poster in the Fellowship Hall inviting you to greet those who have been on Zoom during worship. Next to the poster is a laptop computer that you can use to interact with and chat with those on Zoom and Facebook who have stayed online for coffee hour. This way, those online can greet and enjoy our 10-11 AM coffee hour with those who have attended in person. You are invited to participate!

Please let me know if there are any questions about upcoming online services, or how our online coffee hour works:

Erica Lee


Thanks so much!

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