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Arise! Shine! Epiphany – Season of Light

There’s certainly been plenty of gloom lately! Shadows of uncertainty lurking in the corners of our consciousness. Even before Advent, we’ve been hoping, and waiting for, and finally, welcoming the Christ child, and the peace and joy he brings.

Arise, shine! For your light has come!  Isaiah 60:1

Now, as the new year begins, our Pacific Northwest gloom is brightening, which helps us relate to Epiphany’s rousing message: the light is growing! As the sun rotates our way, and as the light of Christ extends throughout the world, and century after century. 

Arise, shine! Will be our call! Even when we’d rather pull the covers over our heads or think the worst, instead we rouse ourselves to step out into the light, walk in it, reflect it, be it, bring it, rejoice in it! And, so, together, we will

Let our light shine before others! Matthew 5:16b

Watch for adult forums, worship, and other opportunities to Arise, and Shine in January and February.