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Advocate for Those Who are Vulnerable

During the 60-day Washington Legislative Session

Two communities who experience danger and unwanted vulnerability need our advocacy. Learn here how to to speak up for them and how to do it during the Washington State legislative session. Thank you for showing your care!

1. Indigenous women, girls and two-spirit people go missing and are murdered at rates higher than any other ethnic group in the United States. In Washington State, indigenous women are murdered at four times the rate of white women (Urban Indian Health Institute in Seattle). Proposed House Bill 1725 would activate the alert system on message signs, in highway advisory radio messages, and through press releases when Indigenous people disappear. This will be the first alert system specifically for missing and murdered Indigenous women and people in the country.

Sample message: Please support HB 1725 to help address the crisis of missing and murdered indigenous women and people in Washington State! As Rep. Lekanoff has said, “The unheard screams of missing and murdered people will be heard across Washington state with the implementation of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) Alert System.” 

2. House Bill 1883 would establish a lifeline for youth and young adults who have personal experience in public systems of care – such as foster care, the juvenile justice system, inpatient behavioral health treatment, and those at risk of entering such systems. The lifeline would help beneficiaries resolve any issue that could escalate into crisis, from accessing medical records and securing housing, to learning how to change a flat tire or getting connected to a mentor. It is intended not to just offer resources and referrals but to ensure that services are actually implemented and the young person gets what they need. 

Sample message: Please vote for HB 1883 and support our youth and young adults who have experienced uncertainty and emotional stress in navigating governmental systems of care. As a person of faith, I care about the well-being of our next generation, many of whom are experiencing homelessness. Let’s make sure they get the help and skills they need to fully become the whole, thriving and exceptional people we know they are! 

Here’s how: You can email your legislators directly using the formula: “first name.last name@leg.wa.gov”. For example, Reuven.Carlyle@leg.wa.gov. Or you can call the legislative hotline on weekdays and leave a message for all three representatives at once. The receptionists are very warm and helpful: 1.800.562.6000

You can find out who your state legislators are at this link: https://app.leg.wa.gov/districtfinder and putting in your address. Many members of Our Redeemer’s live in State district 32 or 36.

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