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The Healing Ministry of Our Redeemer’s

God’s will for all is wholeness and health in body, mind and spirit. So we pray for healing of physical ailments, as well as for healing in the midst of conflicts, emotional stress and struggle.


is based on the following convictions:

God’s intentional will for all persons is wholeness

and health in body, mind and spirit.

The total life of the congregation—in all of its

functions—is to be health-producing.

As Christians, we have a responsibility for a

lifestyle of health in body, mind and spirit.

The Service of the Word for Healing symbolizes the

fact that all worship events of the Church

should be experiences of healing in some form.

Prayers and concerns for cure from illness is always

consistent with the will of God.

We pray for the cure of illness without reservation,

qualification or condition, at the same time

knowing that not all illness is cured.

All persons may be healed (made whole),

but not all may be cured.

We cannot explain in rational terms why there is

illness other than to recognize that

we are imperfect persons in an imperfect world.

God expects us to be faithful at all times and in

prayer for body/mind/spirit health

and to use those health-care methodologies

we feel appropriate for our needs.

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