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Thank You to Thanksgiving Volunteers!

So many people helped make a happy Thanksgiving for those without homes this year! Thank you to givers, sleeping bag purchasers and loaders, pie-planners, pie-bakers, pie container decorators, pie deliverers, Edible Hope food and sleeping bag distributors, and Road to Housing meal preppers, servers, and cleaners! And a special thank you to Janet Woodfield who donated 145 hand-knitted hats! Thank you to…
  • All of you for gifts of 220 pairs of socks and 110 sleeping bags!
  • Addi Mertes
  • Aivree Watkins
  • Bob Carlson
  • Cindy Anderson
  • Craig Perry
  • Dave Eicke
  • Elizabeth Dickinson
  • Gretchen Mertes
  • Hannah Merrill (Elizabeth’s daughter)
  • Harper Hammett
  • Janet Woodfield
  • Jenny Vickrey & Vickrey teens
  • Joe Merrill (Elizabeth’s partner)
  • Julie Vannoy
  • Justin Young & Young children
  • Karlie Piper
  • Kim Smith
  • Lake Neill
  • Lisa Thompson
  • Lucy Watkins
  • Mandy Neill
  • Max Brereton
  • Michael Hammett
  • Phillipa Dugaw
  • Riley Hammett
  • Bash Savo
  • Sonja Braasch
  • Stephanie Running
  • Tom Bernard
  • Weller Mertes

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