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Good Friday 24-Hour Prayer Vigil

Noon, April 2 to Noon, April 3 by Kari Guddal

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Imagine. Imagine keeping vigil as Christ hung on the cross. What sorrow it must have brought to those who loved Jesus, to see him suffer so. How scary and what does it all mean? I do believe it brought Jesus comfort to know there were those that loved him, keeping vigil nearby. I have reflected on this every year as I pray near the cross, in our sanctuary or at home. It is a powerful and meaningful experience that has been described as very spiritual and human at the same time. During this quiet time, we praise God, give thanks, ask for forgiveness and pray for one another and reflect quietly. Sometimes it’s not so quiet, but a loud cry and the question of why. But God is with us and very present. As are the prayers of the people, much needed for healing of the body, mind and spirit and the world at large.

This year’s Prayer Vigil again takes place from noon on Friday, April 2nd to noon on Saturday, April 3rd. It will take place away from the church and can be anywhere from home to a favorite quiet place. There will be a signup sheet on our website by the hour. I like to have every time slot filled but we can also have more than one person for each hour. Please be sure to add your email address and phone number. Mary Peters and I will be sending out some aids on prayer, reflections and all the prayer requests. Questions? Email or call Kari Guddal, 206-790-1780, kari_guddal@outlook.com

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