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10:15am, Sunday, August 28

  • HEAR about the findings of the recently conducted Capital Campaign Feasibility/Implementation Study
  • VOTE to hire a consultant and proceed with a VAB Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign Feasibility Study Completed!

Pastor Steve Olson, of Olson Advancement, presented his final Capital Campaign Feasibility / Implementation Study report to the Church Council and VAB Team at the July 19th council meeting. The purpose of the study was to solicit feedback on the VAB plan concept and then provide recommendations on implementing a capital campaign. Pastor Olson’s report included the responses of fifty-four people from Our Redeemer’s that represented a sample of active members in the Congregation.

Based upon the recommendations in the Feasibility Study final report, the Church Council recommended at its August meeting to move forward with a Congregational vote to proceed with hiring Pastor Olson as a consultant for a VAB Capital Campaign. The Special Congregational meeting will take place on August 28 between services. Pastor Steve will present a summary of his findings and recommendations in the Feasibility Study, and describe what services he would provide as a Capital Campaign consultant. If the Congregation gives its approval, the proposed Capital Campaign will take place this Fall.

For Pastor Olson’s full final feasibility report, click HERE.

For Olson Advancement proposal for Capital Campaign consulting services, click HERE.


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