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Learning at Our Redeemer’s is a dynamic and participatory experience. Together we create a safe environment that welcomes questions, doubts and dialogue and that values each individual’s unique perspective. We learn from one another and from ancient texts and scholars through spirited, thoughtful and honest conversation. Our Redeemer’s offers programs throughout the week for adults, youth and kids. We can help you find the programs that fit your schedule and interests.

Bring your own life experiences to our classes and join us as we explore faith and spirituality as a community. Take a look at some of our classes and educational resources below, or browse the calendar to find out what’s coming up. If you have any questions, please contact the church office any of the teachers listed in the class descriptions.

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I feel more confident having the actual knowledge, more able as I read the Bible. And I just like exploring something new. It’s an open-minded group, and sometimes the ideas are confusing, but we usually work it out and move on.

~ Stephanie R.

Classes and educational resources

Join in our community of learning.

Learn with Our Redeemer’s.

The Library

The Library offers many thought-provoking resources. Stop in to dig into the backstory of a Bible passage, find a great book to read your child or pick up a novel or a piece of challenging non-fiction.

Relational God, Dynamic Universe (Sunday afternoons, once a month)

This class, taught by retired Pacific Lutheran University professor and author Paul Ingram, explores big questions and presents compelling new theology. Paul specializes in world religions and process theology. Each class focuses on a different question about God, faith and our place in the world.

These conversations keep us thinking, asking questions and growing our relationship with God. We gather in the library one Sunday afternoon per month. Check out the calendar for monthly dates and topics, and contact Paul to learn more.

Theology on Tap (Fourth Tuesday of the month)

Come discuss theology while drinking beer (yes, really!) in an open, informal setting. Everyone over eighteen is invited to join in as we chat about group-generated topics ranging from “does hell exist?” to “how do you hear God?.” We drum up all sorts of questions, ponder the possibilities and share our stories.

Theology on Tap meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month, alternating in location between congregants’ homes and local establishments. All drink preferences, ideas and opinions are welcome! For information on this month’s event, contact Dave Eicke.

Manna and Mercy (Mondays at 7:00 p.m.)

Manna and Mercy is a great place to start if you have not spent time in the Bible or haven’t looked at it since Sunday School. This class combines Manna and Mercy, a simplified (but not simple) graphic retelling of the Bible with video commentary from Alan Storey, a post-apartheid South African Methodist minister.

During this class we explore the context and meaning of the Bible through the lens of Jesus, working together to deepen our understanding of God’s radical love for the world. Carolyn Swanson enjoys leading the class in lively discussion every week. We meet in the library. Contact Carolyn to learn more.

Looking at the Lessons (Sundays at 10:00 a.m.)

Looking at the Lessons is an opportunity to take a closer look at the day’s Gospel reading. During this class, we warm up for the 11:00 a.m. traditional worship service by exploring how the scripture spoke to its first-century audience and how it speaks to us today.

Mark Buening leads the class, bringing his background from his Master’s degree in Theology. Everyone’s questions and ideas are encouraged as our conversation wanders from ancient passages to contemporary issues and challenging theological questions.

Whether you are a lifelong Bible reader or are interested in taking a first look, you are welcome to join us in the library Sunday morning. Contact Mark to find out more.

Book of Revelation Bible study (Wednesdays at 11:00 a.m.)

The Apocalypse, or the Book of Revelation, is one of the most challenging and disputed books in the Bible. It has inspired great works of art as well as social upheaval and speculation about the end of the world.

This Bible study, led by Carolyn Swanson, uses the course book The Apocalypse: Controversies and Meaning in Western History (Study of Revelation) by Dr. Craig Koester, Professor of New Testament at Luther Seminary. Known for his engaging style of presentation, Dr. Koester interweaves biblical texts with their impact on culture, art, literature and music. Contact Carolyn to learn more.

The Journey

Walking Together

The Journey, a six-week process that takes place every year during Lent, is open to individuals of all backgrounds, interests and spiritual journeys. Whether you are exploring your faith, getting to know our congregation better or joining Our Redeemer’s as an official member, The Journey is a meaningful way to grow in spirit and in community.

During The Journey you can ask questions, connect with others, learn about the Lutheran faith and experience what life at Our Redeemer’s is all about. We’re heavy on hors d’oeuvres, honesty, small-group Bible study and an authentic, unforced sense of community. There is never any pressure join our congregation or to be baptized. If you are interested in taking those steps, however, The Journey is the way to get started.

To learn more about The Journey, contact Pastor Kathy any time.

Lectio Divina (Second Sunday of the month, 7:15-8:00 p.m)

Based on an ancient monastic practice, Lectio Divina is an opportunity to engage with the Bible by listening with guided questions: “What word or phrase sticks out to me?” “What truth is God speaking to me?” “What action might God be calling me to take this week?”

Come once, once in a while or every month for a practice that helps us find center and calm. No previous Bible knowledge is necessary. Get in touch with Margaret Wetter to learn more about Lectio Divina.

Confirmation (7th and 8th grade)

Confirmation is a time for 7th and 8th grade youth to explore faith by learning about God, caring for the world and getting to know each other and themselves. Middle schoolers meet during the fall and spring for workshops, service projects, social events and visits to other faith communities. Our week at Camp Lutherwood is the highlight of the year!

Two years in confirmation prepare participants to decide whether they will publicly affirm their faith and commit to following Jesus’s way. They might not wish to or be ready to, and that’s okay. We believe it is better to make an honest personal decision than simply go through the motions.

For those who decide to be confirmed, we hold a special service and banquet where our whole community celebrates these unique and wonderful young people.

To learn more about Confirmation, contact Allison Sutton.

Kids’ Church (Sundays at 9:10 a.m.)

Kids’ Church offers young people ages two-and-a-half to sixth grade a special opportunity to learn, pray, sing, and worship together after being blessed during the 9:00 a.m. service.

Visit Our Kids’ page for more information about Kids’ Church and our other programs for children and families, or contact Terry Anderson, our Children and Family Ministries Director, to learn more.

Children up to age four are always welcome in our staffed Nursery.

Never stop learning. Never stop growing.

Visit the calendar to browse our full schedule of classes, give us a call to find out more or simply drop in to see what learning at Our Redeemer’s is all about.