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Facilities Task Force Members Needed

Now that we have successfully completed a beautiful building remodel, we want to keep it looking beautiful and and we’re looking to you to help!

There are three areas related to the building where facility teams are needed: 

1. A group that carries on where the VAB left off, taking the recommendations from VAB, following through on those and looking to the future of what we need. This is higher level and would involve some meetings, all of which can be virtual. 

2. On-the-ground help. We do not have a custodian and need help with building tasks such as: lightbulb replacement, basic fix-it projects, picking up the grounds when there is need (litter), help getting quotes for any work that needs to be done. This team would most likely not involve any meetings and would be working directly with the Parish Administrator.  

3. Rentals task force. We are looking to utilize the building for congregational and community needs. We need help creating a presence on the website for rentals with pictures, FAQs, rental agreements, pricing, etc., and could use your help. This task force might attend a few meetings but isn’t obligatory. The rentals task force will be a short term obligation. Once we have met the 3-4 goals, the task force’s obligations are complete. 

If you would be willing to serve in ministry to Our Redeemer’s to keep our building beautiful and further its resource potential, please reach out to Parish Administer Karie Stearns, administrator@ourredeemers.net, or by calling the church, 206-783-7900. 

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